See our video of Nutritionist, Carly Neubert, describing the the Zerona Fall Loss Laser.

Zap Fat while you relax! It’s possible and medically proven to be safe!

Zerona is the only FDA approved low-level laser for reducing the size of fat cells. It is often difficlut to reduce fat cells in “problem areas” of your body.  Many women turn to expensive and painful surgeries.  Zerona is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction or other surgeries.  The treatments are completely painless and there is no recovery time!

The Zerona laser works by collapsing fat cells.  Once the cells are collapsed, the contents (stored fat) leak out into your interstitial fluid and is flushed out by your lymphatic system, eliminated from your body.  Because our bodies store toxins in our fat, Zerona has a cleansing effect on the body. The fat cells shrink as does your waistline and other body parts!

Our patients have experienced at least 5-inch reduction over 12 treatments as well as a reduction in cholesterol levels, inflammation, stretch marks, and cellulite. We recommend a healthy diet, lifestyle and supplement program to maximize your results. Lymphatic massage therapy can be included in your treatments for further benefit.

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