NEST is an integrative medicine spa…the newest revolution in comprehensive health care.

Think Medicine + Nature + Spa.

The concept of our integrative medicine spa is a revolution of the medical paradigm currently in the United States.  We merge the finest aspects of unsurpassed, modern science with ancient healing therapies. Our goal is to help our patients achieve optimal health through the combination of therapies, essentially providing the best of both medical worlds. We strive to provide personalized care, education for patients, as well as the community, and extraordinary care in all aspects of the process.

NEST was created, and is run by, Dr. Kristi Wrightson, a board-certified, licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Dietitian who uses a combination of natural and conventional medicine to help her patients heal, feel great again, and maintain optimal health.

Dr. Kristi Wrightson, ND, MS, RD

Dr. Kristi Wrightson, Naturopathic Doctor Santa Barbara

Dr. Kristi Wrightson graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, with a concentration in Restaurant Management.  While her classmates were learning about managing the business of restaurants, Dr. Wrightson was diving into the management of the body ~ fascinated with the importance of food intake as it relates to optimal health.  After several years, Dr. Wrightson went back to school for therapeutic massage, where she explored the deep connection between the mind and the body.  Through this process, Dr. Wrightson found naturopathic medicine and enrolled in Bastyr University, the world’s leading naturopathic university.

During her schooling at Bastyr, Dr. Wrightson worked with physicians from Northside Hospital in Atlanta as well as several integrated health clinics in Seattle.  This training exposed her to perspectives from both conventional and holistic medicine, creating a more complete protocol of care that employs characteristics from both forms of healing.  While getting her Naturopathic Doctorate, Dr. Wrightson realized the importance of educating her patients on health issues related to food and proceeded to get her Master’s in Nutrition.  She utilizes this exceptional background in treating her patients: using each person’s unique internal blueprint as the guide for working within the basic principles of health.

While she continues to have an integrated primary care practice, today, Dr. Wrightson focuses on women’s health, hormonal balancing and anti-aging therapies using an integrative approach.

Dr. Wrightson is a member of the California Association of Naturopathic Physicians as well as a supporting member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the only nationally recognized association for licensed ND’s.

Dr. Wrightson is also available for consultations, click here to learn more.

Heidi Lucas, ND, FABNO, RYT


Dr. Heidi Lucas is a Naturopathic Physician specializing in integrated cancer care, combining Conventional and Natural Medicine. She is a Graduate of Bastyr University and a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology.   Her treatment modalities include; research and clinically based nutrition, evidence based and historical uses of botanical medicine and individualized meditation instruction, exercise plans and therapeutic yoga to optimize immune function and stress management.  

She offers consultations for individuals with a cancer diagnosis, before, during and after conventional treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation).  I also offer family members or those with a strong family history consultations focusing on cancer prevention.  My patients receive a medical plan to reduce and heal from the side effects of treatments, strengthen the body, improve quality of life and enhance overall health.  

She is also a certified Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation teacher and works with the body’s inherent healing capacity.  She has been an educator and speaker at the University of Washington Medical and Nursing Schools, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Oncology Nursing Society, American Cancer Society, Gilda’s Club, Cancer Lifeline, Bastyr University and many hospitals around the country.   She is finishing her cookbook this year, focusing on cancer prevention and treatment with whole foods, herbs and spices.

She has recently moved her primary practice from Seattle, Washington to San Luis Obispo and here at Nest in Santa Barbara, California. 

Dr. Kristin Castorino, DO

Dr. Kristin Castorino, DO, Santa Barbara Nest Integrative Medicine Spa

**Dr. Castorino is not currently taking patients**

Kristin Castorino, DO, graduated with a degree in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  She then obtained her medical degree from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in the California bay area. 

Dr. Castorino was originally drawn to medicine to integrate Western medicine with all the other effective healing modalities.  Throughout her training and professional career, Dr. Castorino has been committed to uniting the many methods of healing including; Osteopathic Manual Medicine (specializing in craniosacral and biodynamic techniques), founding Touro College’s Integrative Medicine Club, and her 20 year experience as a Reiki practitioner.   Dr. Castorino is married to Ryan Castorino and they have two vivacious children Ronin and Coral.

Dr. Castorino completed a rotating internship, which boasted a wide array of experiences from performing surgeries to delivering babies at the University of Nevada, Reno then completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.  Dr. Castorino joined the William Sansum Diabetes Center in 2009 and has been an instrumental leader of many programs including; Diabetes and Pregnancy clinical care and research, Artificial Pancreas research.  One of Kristin’s special achievements is the Seeds of Change Program (Semillas de Cambio), a diabetes prevention program designed for Latino women with socioeconomic barriers.

At Nest, Dr. Castorino provides integrative primary care, though she has a special interest in women’s health as well as supporting your mind body and spirit during major life transitions.

Dr. Kristin Castorino is an osteopathic physician who is dedicated to treating the person as a whole being with the goal of achieving balance and wellbeing so that you can focus on achieving your life goals.  By combining the best of Western medicine with the ancient wisdom of the east and beyond, Dr. Castorino strives to transform the healing process.   Dr. Castorino is a member of the American Osteopathic Association as well as the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine, and is board certified in Integrative Medicine.  Dr. Castorino’s focus is on treating the “whole person” and is currently accepting new patients.

Jenny Prince, Massage & Bodywork Therapist

Jenny Prince Massage Therapist Nest

Jenny approaches her work from a personal philosophy that massage is an important element in whole body health and wellness.  By employing many modalities, Jenny is able to address each client's unique needs and goals in order to encourage optimal health and healing in every body.  Trained at Santa Barbara's Body Therapy Institute, Jenny currently sees Nest patients on Thursdays.