Nutritional Intravenous therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions and support the overall health of the body. These therapies have been formulated through research, condition-specific protocols and many years of experience. The goal of our IV protocols is simple. We aim to identify which nutrients are targeted for certain illnesses or conditions, then combine those with nutrients that are personalized for each patient to find the perfect balance of ingredients  and achieve optimal results for each person.

Dr. Wrightson has had extensive training in the use of IV therapy as an adjunct to her practice. She uses personalized intravenous nutrients in a wide array of conditions.


Why intravenous and not oral?

Intravenous administration of nutrients bypasses digestion, and processing by the liver. Everything we swallow must first be digested and passed through the liver, where nutrients will be dispersed to the rest of the body. As well, the digestive process can be disturbed by inflammation or infection and lead to a decrease in absorption. Even if you do have an efficient digestive system, most nutrients are only absorbed about 30-40% from supplements. IV therapy can be a great option to make sure you are getting all your nutrients, whether you are healthy, preventing illness or have a specific condition.


Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids enhance this formula to assist in keeping the cells healthy and young!

Chronic Fatigue:
Contains many amino acids, vitamins and minerals which are involved in the synthesis of ATP (cellular energy) to “jump start” energy production.

Cancer support:

Using a high dose of vitamin C as the core ingredient, this intravenous solution contains synergistic compounds to support the immune system and overall health.

Blood Sugar/Diabetes:

This IV contains blood sugar-supporting amino acids such as taurine, along with important vitamins and minerals necessary for improving insulin sensitivity, such as biotin and chromium.

Immune wellness:

With a higher dose of vitamin C, supportive vitamins, minerals and amino acid this IV helps to support the immune system and to achieve total immunity.

Pre and post surgery:

Rich in amino acids, this intravenous preparation contains many nutrients to prepare a patient for a surgical procedure and enhance tissue healing after the surgery.

Mood enhancement:
This IV focuses on increasing the amino acid precursors to neurotransmitters which are essential in stabilizing the mood for short and long term improvements.

Originally designed solely for replacing essential minerals in between chelations, it is now recommended for cardiovascular support, containing heart-healthy nutrients, including carnitine and arginine.

Chelation therapy:

To enhance the cardiovascular system and rid the body of unwanted heavy metals, we use a variety of chelating agents, according to a patient’s history that achieve the best results.

Eye support:

This IV contains the multi-trace elements, including selenium required to support eye health. It is used in many different conditions of the eye, including macular degeneration and has been used effectively to forestall vision deterioration.


Rich in the mineral magnesium, this IV helps ease the transition into menopause by reducing the symptoms associated with this change.

Weight loss:

Rich in carnitine, a proven thermogenesis inducer, the weight loss IV is formulated to increase the ushering of long chain fatty acids into the part of the cell where they are burned as energy and not stored as fat.

Environmental intolerance:

Perfect for the multiple chemical sensitivity patients, this IV contains nutrients that enhance phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification pathways, while helping to stabilize the immune system to reduce a patient’s environmental sensitivity.

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